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What to Do When You Forgot iPod Passcode

Nov. 05, 2013 3:26 pm / Posted by Michael Eric to Files & Database
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forgot ipod passcode

"What do I do if i forgot my iPod touch 3 password?"

You may encounter this situation when you forgot the 4-digit iPod passcode to enter. What's worse, if you make educated guesses more than six or more times, you'll see a message that says "iPod touch is disabled". Once if you forgot iPod passcode, you can't enter your iPod touch, let alone reset the passcode by using iPod alone.

Fortunately, every solution is after the problem. Here will illustrate the effective way for you to unlock the forgotten iPod touch passcode with iTunes. Actually, it includes two situations.

If you have previously synced your iPod with iTunes, you may be able to reset the passcode by restoring iPod. And then you can choose the latest backup to restore from. But if you have never synced your iPod with iTunes, or your iPod can't be recognized by the computer, you have to enter recovery mode and erase your device.

Note: If you encrypted your iPhone backup and forgot the backup password, then you must turn to iTunes Backup Password Recovery to get back the access to iPod's backup files.

Here are the methods to recover it when you forgot iPod password in 2 different situations mentioned above. Check them now.

Situation 1: How to Reset iPod Passcode on the Synced Computer If you Forgot it?

If you have previously synced your iPod with iTunes, you may be able to reset the passcode by restoring the device:

1. Plug your iPod into the computer.

This is the computer that stores all its original files and data. Grab a USB cord and plug each end into the appropriate device.

2. Open iTunes.

Make sure your iPod is recognized and shows up on your screen. It'll pop up automatically.

3. Right click your iPod in the left-hand column and select "Back Up".

Generally, iTunes prompts you to back up your iPod. Don't fret until you go to try it – a list of your available backup files will pop up.

4. When the backup is complete, select "Restore".

When the backup and sync is complete, select "Restore from Backup" and choose the most recent backup of your iPod touch.

Situation 2: How to Unlock Forgotten iPod Password on an Unsynced Computer?

If you forgot iPod passcode and cannot connect to iTunes, thus you have to place your iPod in recovery mode and restore it to erase the device.

1. Turn off your iPod.

Wait for the device to turn off. At this point, it should not be connected to the computer.

2. Connect the iPod into the computer. Put it into recovery mode.

Press and hold down the "Home" button. This will cause iPod to restart. Keep holding the "Home" button until the message "Connected to iTunes" appears on the screen. The iPod is now in recovery mode.

3. Click on the "Restore" in iTunes.

This will delete all of the files you have put onto your iPod and restore it to its original, factory settings. Unfortunately, without the primary computer, there is no way around this.

So, as you can see, the passcode feature is relatively strong. That's good for security, though bad if you forgot iPod passcode to lock. However, having this article in hand, never be afraid of forgetting iPod password.

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