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4 Easy Tricks you must Know when Forgot Windows 8 Password

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I forget my windows 8 passwordI forgot my Windows 8 password, now I'm unable to get my urgent files, what are I gonna do?

This is really very frustrating problem facing a large number of Microsoft Windows 8 users, I've seen online a bunch of people posting questions like I forgot my Windows 8 password and such.

Forgot Windows 8 password is also a common problem among Windows 7 users, etc. However, with all the newly-introduced features and enhanced security, it's a bit tougher to deal with whey you forgot password in Windows 8, some of the methods used on Windows 7 may still work for Windows 8, but some may not, so in this article, we'll offer you 4 most effective and fast solutions to recover forgotten Windows 8 password.

Note: Some of the methods are only applicable when you forgot Windows 8 user password, some can be universally applied when you forgot Windows 8 admin password or other Windows 8 login password. Choose them according to your own situation.

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Solution 1: Find Forgotten Windows 8 Password Using Windows 8 Password Hint

What a good Windows 8 password hint can manage to do is often ignored by many Windows 8 users, it serves as a clue that leads you to the forgotten password by re-creating the scene when you set the password, so, after you forgot Windows 8 login password, reflect on the hint and try to recall what was on your mind back then when you set the password. It'd be surprised how amazing this trick would work!

Solution 2: Find Windows 8 Password Using Windows 8 Password Reset Disk

If you have created a Windows 8 password reset disk in advance, then this can save your effort a big time.

forgot Windows 8 Password

  • 1. Simply click "Reset password" when you see the message: "Windows 8 password incorrect, please try again", and you'll see a "Password reset wizard".
  • 2. Insert your Windows password reset disk, follow the instructions to enter a new password, re-enter it to confirm. So you are able to login with your new password by erasing the forgotten one.

Solution 3: Recover Windows 8 Forgotten Password Using another Admin Account

If you forgot Windows 8 administrator password, I'd suggest you skip this solution and go directly to solution 4. In order to recover forgotten Windows 8 password using cmd, you'll have to login with another admin with administrative privilege so that you are able to manage other Windows 8 user account of which you forgot password. It's pretty simple:

  • 1. Login in with an admin, select and open "Control Panel" on Metro UI, and navigate to "User Accounts and Family Safety", on the right column, you'll see "Change Windows password".
  • 2. Choose "Manage another account", and then click "Change your password".
  • 3. Follow the instructions and complete by clicking "Change password".

Solution 4: Recover Forgotten Windows 8 Login Password with Forgot Windows 8 Password Recovery Tool

If you forgot admin password or other login password in Windows 8, this would be the most effective solution. In Windows 7, we often find third-party Windows password recovery tool a very useful solution, however, most of such tools are incompatible with Windows 8 yet, but not all of them, Windows 8 Password Recovery is an exception and is highly recommendable. Here's a guide on how to use this program:

  • 1. Download and run this program on other available computer and create a forgot Windows 8 password recovery USB or disk by inserting a USB flash drive or CD/DVD to your computer and then, click "Burn".

    forgot password windows 8

  • 2. Start to recover the forgotten Windows 8 password by connecting your newly created Windows 8 password recovery USB or disk to the computer of which you forgot password, make sure you've set the BIOS so that the computer can boot from your USB or disk.

    forgotten Windows 8 password

  • 3. After loading, you are able to select the Windows installation in which and admin or user accounts for which you forgot password, done choosing, click "Reset" to recover the Windows 8 password that your forgot.

    windows 8 forgotten password

  • 4. Click "Ok" and "Reboot" and you are able to login without entering the forgotten Windows 8 password.

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