Find Word 2013 Product Key

How to Find Microsoft Word 2013 Product Key

2013-03-23 11:31:52 / Posted by Michael Eric to Office Tricks
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Lost Word 2013 Product key is a troublesome thing because you cannot reinstall Word 2013 without it. Word 2013 product key is the license (alphanumeric code in the form of five sets of five letters) required by Microsoft Word 2013 when we install it. It is an important part of installation process of Microsoft Word 2013 program.

However most of us just put it aside after the installation and when comes to reinstall we realize that we totally lost Microsoft Word 2013 product key. Then we have to find Word 2013 serial number before the reinstallation but sadly it is difficult to find Word 2013 product key from the Word 2013 product key registry manually because it is encrypted inside Windows Registry which is a collection of databases of configuration setting in Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Difficult but not impossible! Luckily we have Word 2013 product key recovery, it can view the lost Microsoft Word serial number 2013 in a fraction of second with several easy steps. Whether you get your Word 2013 key code or CD key from a sticker attached to your CD case, or a manual of Word 2013, or in an email from Microsoft, Microsoft Word 2013 key code recovery will exactly get your lost Word 2013 product key. Below I will offer you a simple tutorial on how to retrieve Word 2013 product key.

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How to Retrieve Word 2013 Product Key

Step1: Ready to find Word 2013 code key

Let's begin with downloading and installing the Word 2013 product key Recovery. Launch the software after your installation.

Step 2: Retrieve Word 2013 serial number

Click "Get key" on the bottom of the interface to start retrieve your Word 2013 serial number.

forgot Microsoft Word 2013 product key

Step 3: Recover Word 2013 product key

Waiting for a while, the program will scan your hard drive automatically and your Word 2013 product key will be displayed in the task list.

Microsoft Word 2013 product key Recovery

Step 4: Save Word 2013 serial code

Click the "Save" button to backup your serial code as the ".txt" format in your computer, so you can use it whenever you want.

find Microsoft Word 2013 serial number

Sounds easy right? If you are suffering to find MS Word 2013 product key, why not try Word 2013 serial number finder? It can exactly retrieve Word 2013 product key for you. In addition, remember to make sure the product key code you write down is exactly before your reinstallation because one character is wrong will lead the fail of the whole installation process.

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