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2 Easy Ways on How to Find Windows 8 Password

2013-01-28 02:34:45 / Posted by Michael Eric to Windows Tips
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  • Question: What am I gonna do?! I'm running Windows 8, but I've stupidly forgot my Windows 8 password, I mean, someone please help and tell me some tricks about how to find Windows 8 password, I want to know how to find Windows 8 administrator password because I lost it this time, and what can I do if I lost Windows 8 user password? You never know when you might need them, right? Thanks a million times.
  • Answer: Don't worry, I'll recommend you two effective methods to find password in windows 8, just go through the whole article.

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I. How to Find Windows 8 Password with Windows 8 password Finder

I'll start by discussing how to find Windows 8 login password with software. I've been there, it's never fun, but I manage to find it back after trying several methods among which I was most impressed is Windows 8 password Recovery (Windows 8 Password Finder), in order to cater for the demands of Microsoft Windows OS, this software is able to find Windows 8 administrator password as well as other Windows 8 login password in minutes, also be compatible with Windows 7/Vista/XP, etc, hence enjoying great popularity. This should be the most effective password finder for Windows 8 among similar tools, here's a simple tutorial:

  • 1. Download Windows 8 password finder free and run it.
  • 2. Insert a CD/DVD or USB to create a Windows 8 password finder from the image file that you just downloaded. Be noted that anything on your disk would be erased, make sure no important is contained in your CD/DVD or prepare a blank one.

    find Windows 8 login password

  • 3. Set BIOS and insert the newly burned disk, you should be seeing the program loading:

    windows 8 password finder

  • 4. Choose Windows installation and admin/user account and click "Reset" to find Windows 8 password and erase it so that you are able to login without a password, there are different editions of this software with different privileges, choose one that satisfies you best.

    find Windows 8 Password

II. How to Find Windows 8 Login Password without Software

Actually, there are a bunch of methods available to find Windows 8 password without the help of any software listed below. However, each of them has their limits.

  • Method 1: Use a good Windows password hint to help you recall under what circumstance you set the password, etc. It's less likely to find the password for you if you entered a random hint or left it blank.
  • Method 2: Use Windows 8 password reset disk, skip this part, if you haven't created such a reset disk when setting the password, if you set one, just insert your disk, click "Reset password" at Windows 8 login screen, and follow the instructions of "Password Reset Wizard".
  • Method 3: Find Windows 8 login password using cmd, if you can still log in to Windows 8 password with another administrator account, then open "cmd" by pressing "Win+R", type net user and hit "Enter".
  • Method 4: Find Windows 8 password from safe mode, this is to activate the built-in administrator with administrative privilege, but most people have reset it, honestly, the chance is very slim to find password in Windows 8 with this method, but it's worth a try.
    • 1. Press "F8" when the computer starts to boot, after login without a password, choose "Safe mode".
    • 2. Go to "Control Panel"> "User Accounts and Family Safety">"Change Windows password">"Manage another account">"Change your password".

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