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How to Find/View Product Key for Excel 2010

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Excel 2010 prompts you to enter the serial key? Even if you lost it, don't worry. Keep reading.

People are really annoyed by the product key prompt in Excel 2010. Product key is a string of numbers or letters in the form of five sets of five letters used to signify your valid ownership of Excel 2010. Usually, we need to enter the product key during the process of installation. However, for many reasons, it may keep asking you to enter the Excel 2010 serial code. The only way to stop the serial code prompted in Excel 2010 is to find Excel 2010 product key and enter it. Following passage will discuss the reasons for product key prompt in Excel 2010 and how to find Microsoft Excel 2010 serial key in detail.

Reasons for Product Key Prompt in Excel 2010

1. The Excel 2010 you used is a trial version

In order to attract customers, Excel 2010 offers a free trial version to its customers so that they can experience its functions before they decide to buy the full version. However the free trial version is only available for one month, after that Excel 2010 may keep asking for the serial code.

2. Reinstall Excel 2010

For many reasons such as upgrade operation systems, you need to reinstall Excel 2010. In this occasion, Excel 2010 will keep asking for serial number during your reinstallation.

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How to Find Microsoft Excel 2010 Serial Code

As what we talked at the beginning, unless you find Microsoft Excel 2010 key code and enter the alerts, alarms and prompts will never end. So come to the question how to find Microsoft Excel 2010 serial number?

  • 1. You can view Excel 2010 product key from a sticker attached to your CD case, or a manual of Excel 2010, or in an email from Microsoft.
  • 2. If you cannot find Excel 2010 key code in the places talked above, you must use Excel 2010 product key finder to recover Microsoft Excel 2010 serial number. Following is a tutorial for Microsoft Excel product key finder.

How to Crack Microsoft Excel 2010 Product Key with Product Key Finder?

Step1: Prepare to find Excel 2010 code key

Download the Microsoft Excel 2010 product key finder. And double-click the .exe installation file and follow the prompts to install it on your computer.

Step 2: Retrieve Excel 2010 serial number

Run the software and click "Get key" on interface and start to retrieve Microsoft Excel 2010 serial code.

Find Microsoft Excel 2010 product key

Step 3: Get Excel 2010 product key

The software will scan your hard drive in a few seconds and display Excel 2010 product key in the task list in the form of five sets of five letters.

Microsoft Excel 2010 serial code Recovery

Step 4: Save Excel 2010 serial code

Click the "Save" button to backup your key code as the ".txt" format in your PC.

Retrieve Microsoft Excel 2010 key code

Through these two methods you can easily recover Excel 2010 product key, then enter the serial number, Excel 2010 will stop asking for the key code. But if you used the free trial version of Excel 2010 and want to continue to use it, I am afraid you have to buy the Excel 2010 product key to stop the prompt.

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