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Tips on Password Protecting MS Excel 2013 File for Green Hands

May. 20, 2013 01:52 pm / Posted by Michael Eric to Office Tricks
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Microsoft Excel 2013 as a part of MS Office 2013 has come to our eyes with the new UI that is familiar to a Windows 8 and Metro Style app interface. Though Excel 2013 works essentially the same as Excel 2010, the new UI confuses many green hands first used Excel 2013 workbook. So in this article we focus on how to password protect Excel 2013 files.

Why Need to Protect Workbook in Excel 2013?

People have different reasons to password protect Excel 2013. A staff may need to decrypt Excel 2013 spreadsheet before sending it to others; a lawyer needs to password protect Excel 2013 to make sure the workbooks are for the correct eyes only… No matter for what reasons, password protecting MS Excel 2013 is a simple and effective practice to protect your personal information.

How to Password Protect Microsoft Excel 2013 Files from Opening?

The following part shows you a simply instruction of password protecting Microsoft Excel 2013 files.

  • Open the Microsoft Excel 2013 spreadsheet that you want to password protects. And click on the "FILE" on the left tip of the interface.

    how to password protect Microsoft Excel 2013 Documents

  • Select the "Info" option from the left-side panel of the File menu. Select "Protect Workbook" and then the "Encrypt with Password" on the drop down menu.

    password protecting MS Excel 2013 files

  • Type your password in the Encrypt Document dialog window. Remember that the password should be strong and unforgettable.
    Note: A strong password needs to contain special character such as @#$%^& and must be at least 8 characters long.

    protect a workbook in Microsoft Excel 2013

  • Re-enter your password in the Conform password window and click "OK".

    how to password protect Excel 2013 files

How to Password Protect Excel 2013 Read Only Option?

Microsoft Excel 2013 also let users to secure their documents from changing by using edit restriction options. Thus others can only read but cannot change your Excel 2013 files.

Here is how:

  • 1. Click on the "FILE"-> "Info" option -> "Protect Workbook" -> Restrict Editing
  • 2. Set the formatting as well as editing restrictions on the document.

    how to password protect Excel 2013 file open only

  • 3. Check the "Allow only this type of editing document" within the Editing Restrictions and choose the No change (Read only) option in the dropdown list and then select "Everyone" in groups.

    password protect a Excel 2013 file

  • 4. Enter your password in the "Start Enforcing Protection" box and click "OK".

    how to password protect Excel 2013 file from opening

Protecting an Excel 2013 workbook is easy with the steps above. In addition, a number of Excel 2013 users complain that they often encounter the dilemma of forgetting Excel 2013 password. With that in mind, I will introduce a simple way for you to find your lost Excel 2013 password below.

How to Recover Password-protected Excel 2013 File?

  • Download and install an Excel password recovery tool on your computer. Launch the software after installation.

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  • Select an attack type to recover your forgotten MS Excel password. (Normally choose from Brute-Force with Mask, Brute-Force Attack, and Dictionary).
  • Your lost password will be appearing in the File Opening Password box of the pop-up dialogue window after a few seconds.

    recover password protect excel 2013 file

Now following the tips we offered you can easily protect workbook in Excel 2013 whenever you need to. And if unfortunately forgot MS Excel 2013 password, don't worry; the powerful Microsoft Excel 2013 password recovery tool will recover your password effectively and professionally.

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