Password Protect Microsof Excel 2010

How to Password Protect Excel 2010

June. 20, 2013 05:41 pm / Posted by Michael Eric to Office Tricks
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Want to password protect Excel 2010 so that sensitive data are safe in your computer? You could use both Worksheet protection and Workbook protection to encrypt Excel 2010, which will be explained separately in this article.

Note: For highly secured Excel spreadsheet, you'd better use both Worksheet protection and Workbook protection to encrypt Excel 2010 spreadsheet. In case that you forgot password for encrypted Excel 2010 spreadsheets, use Excel Password Recovery to remove Excel 2010 password protection.

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How to Password Protect Excel 2010 from Workbook Level

By using Workbook protection level you can only lock-down the structure and worksheet window, which enables you to encrypt Excel 2010 files from any structural change or from any change in size.

  • 1) Go to the Review tab and then click on Protect Sheet or Protect Workbook.

    encrypt excel 2010

  • 2) When a pop-up window appears, select your options and type in the desired password.

    password protect excel 2010

Note: Excel 2010 Password Recovery enables you to decrypt both Workbook level password and the Worksheet level password that we're about to talk.

How to Password Protect Microsoft Excel 2010 from Worksheet Level

Worksheet protection gives you a total control of spreadsheet or datasheet, by protecting each element your worksheet encompass. In this level of protection you can prevent users from modifying data, formula, name ranges, etc.

  • 1) Click the File menu –> Save As option and click the tools dropdown arrow available on the bottom of the Save As dialog box.

    excel 2010 password protect

  • 2) Select General Options form the menu list.

    password protect microsoft excel 2010

  • 3) This would display the following General Options dialog box. Using the Password to open and Password to modify text fields you can specify the password required for opening or modifying an excel workbook.

    password protect excel 2010

This will enable you to password protect Excel 2010 documents from opening and modifying.

Tips and Warnings

  • 1) Anyone with the password to modify the workbook can also remove the password protection! Use this particular option wisely.
  • 2) If you forget your password, you can't get into your workbook and make changes, but you use Excel 2010 Password Recovery software to unlock encrypted Excel 2010 files.

Already set about to password protect MS Excel 2010? Read the above carefully and for highly confidential Excel 2010 files, remember to set both Workbook level and Worksheet level password.

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