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Forgot Excel 2010 Password? You Can Easily Remove the Password on Your Own

June. 19, 2013 5:33 pm / Posted by Michael Eric to Office Tricks
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Setting a password to protect an Excel workbook is a good idea if you don't want anyone else to have access to personal information. According to Microsoft, if you lost or forgot Excel 2010 password, there is no way you can open the password-protected workbook without entering the password. However, there are software programs that can help you remove Excel 2010 workbook password, even if your password is long and complex.

Excel Password Recovery is the programs with which you could remove Excel 2010 password on your own if you forgot Excel password. Below is the how-to-use guide.

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How to Crack Excel 2010 Password with Excel 2010 Password Recovery Software

This Excel 2010 Password Recovery tool can help us break Excel 2010 password to open and password to edit. It's the best available tool to save you if you lost Excel 2010 password.

  • 1. Load the encrypted Excel 2010 file by clicking "Open" button on the main interface of the program.
  • 2. Choose a recovery mode. The program provides us with 2 modes to hack excel 2010 password.
    • 100% instant document decryption: Online Password Remove Service that requires internet connection.
    • Recover the password: Provides 3 types of offline attacks. If you remember something about the lost Excel password, such as password lengths and letters or figures included in the password, you should choose the latter one which is faster.

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  • 3. Start the program and leave the rest to Excel 2010 Password Recovery.

How to Set Password to Protect Excel 2010 Spreadsheet

In case that you have no idea how to set password to protect Excel 2010 workbook, we also list you steps to password protect Excel 2010 documents.

  • 1. In an open Excel workbook, click File >Info>Protect Workbook>Encrypt with Password.
  • 2. Tap a password and confirm it. Then you will see that the Permissions next to Protect Workbook changes to "A password is required to open this workbook."

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This post covers both how to set Excel 2010 password and how to recover Excel 2010 password with the user-friendly software -- Excel 2010 Password Recovery. If you forgot Excel 2010 password, let this Excel 2010 password cracker assist you to bypass MS Excel 2010 password with ease.

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