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Your Excel 2003 Password failed: Recovering MS Excel 2003 Password

May. 19, 2013 5:23 pm / Posted by Michael Eric to Office Tricks
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Password is widely used in files and almost all files can set password as well as Excel 2003 files. In this article, I will give you some general knowledge about Excel 2003 password, including types of Excel 2003 password that you can set, how to set an Excel 2003 password, why cannot you remove Excel 2003 password and how to recover Microsoft Excel 2003 password.

Two Big Types of Excel 2003 Password:

If the Excel data is sensitive or secret, you'd better create a strong and complicated password and choose an appropriate type password for it according to your need. (If you forgot it, you have Excel Password Recovery to help you.)Generally, there are two big types of Excel 2003 password, they are: Excel Open password and Excel Modify password. Excel Open password means that if others don't have the password, they cannot even open the Excel 2003 file. Excel Modify password means that others can open the Excel 2003 file and see the contents but cannot modify it.

How to Create an Excel 2003 Password?

Generally, there are two routes to create Excel spreadsheet password.

  • Route1: Tools/Options/Tab Security

    Word password removal in MS Excel 2007

  • Route 2: File/Save As/Tools/General Options/Tab security

    Word password removal in MS Excel 2007

Why Can't You Remove Excel 2003 Password?

There are several reasons why can't you remove Excel 2003 password.

  • You forgot or Lost Excel 2003 password because:
    • 1. You have used very long and complicated combination of letters in creating MS Excel 2003 password.
    • 2. You frequently changed your Excel 2003 password or mixed up your Excel 2003 Open Password and Modify Password.
    • 3. Your MS Excel 2003 Password has been changed by your collogues, family members or friends or maliciously hacked by others.
  • You want to read contents in password protected Excel files.

    These MS Excel 2003 files are either left by ex-colleagues or some else who are not present when you want to use the password-protected Excel 2003 files.

  • Your Excel 2003 Spreadsheet password doesn't work.

    You haven't lost or forgot and you have used the right password to open the password-protected Excel 2003 files, but it still cannot open. In this case, your Excel 2003 spreadsheet password does not work and you should use an Excel 2003 password remover to remove the password then open the Excel 2003 file.

How to Recover Excel 2003 Password?

It's brilliant of you to use strong and complicated password on each Excel 2003 file to make sure confidential data not leaked. But forgetting password would be a big nightmare especially when you are urgent to open the password-protected Excel. You tried so hard to crack Excel 2003 password but still failed.

But don't worry, if that happens, with the help of Excel Password Recovery, you can immediately break Excel 2003 password. It is easy-to-use yet powerful Excel 2003 password cracker software to help Office users like you, even computer novice, to unlock Excel 2003 password.

Download SmartKey Excel Password Recovery:

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Have already downloaded and installed it? Launch it and follow the simple steps below on how to operate it.

  • Step1: Launch Microsoft Excel 2003 Password Recovery and Click "Open" to import the Excel document that you forgot password.

    How to recover excel 2003 password

    bypass excel 2003 password protection

  • Step2: Choose "100% instant document decryption" and click "Next" to proceed.

    office excel 2003 password breaker

  • Step3: Click "Decrypt document" to start to remove excel 2003 password.

    Microsoft excel 2003 password removal tool

  • Step4. When the message "The file decrypt successfully", you can be sure that you have removed excel 2003 password and you can open the excel 2003 document without password. Then click "OK" to end password decryption process.

    excel 2003 password crack

Note: The decrypted file (*_Fixed.xls) has been automatically saved to the folder where your protected file is.

You can also choose "Recover the Password" option in Step 3 and its following steps are here: Excel 2003 Password Cracker.

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