How to Change Windows Domain Password

How to Change Forgotten Domain Password on Windows Server 2012/2011/2008/2003

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windows domain password "I recently got a desperate call from a friend who had set up a domain running Windows server 2008. Obviously, something happened and nobody could log on to the server any more. And now my friend is trying hard to find how to reset Windows domain password. However, I didn't know either. Can someone offer some ideas about Windows Server Domain password recovery?"

Forgot Windows server password happens all the time, and when such thing happens we need to finds a professional Windows password recovery tool ASAP. Windows Password Recovery Enterprise is just there to help you if you want to change Windows domain password. It's the most popular Window domain password recovery tool that allows you to reset domain passwords on Window servers by creating a bootable password reset disk. In addition, it also helps you to recover Windows 8 password, crack Windows 7 password, Windows XP password, etc.

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Change Windows Server 2012 Password with Windows Password Recovery

To crack Windows domain password you need to prepare a blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive and install Windows Password Recovery Enterprise in advance.

  • Step 1: Create a bootable Windows password reset USB disk. To do this, Insert a USB disk in the computer after launching the application, select the target device and then click "Burn". A few seconds later, a bootable Window password reset disk will be burned. This step is very important if you want to recover Windows domain password.

    change windows domain password

  • Step 2: Insert the newly created bootable disk in the Windows server that you want to reset domain admin password for, and change BIOS settings to make the PC start the server form the disk.
  • Step 3: When the Windows Password Recovery interface appears, select the target domain administrator user and change its password and then click "Next" button. You could also choose to remove Windows domain password.

    remove Windows domain password

  • Step 4: Click "Reboot" to restart your computer and login Windows system with the newly changed password. You have managed to change domain admin password to Re123456 automatically.

Windows Server password recovery is not that hard, right? With this utility you can change domain password for Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 and more as well.

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