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Bypass Windows 8 Login with or without Password

2013-01-24 02:31:16 / Posted by Michael Eric to Windows Tips
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A brand-new look and many new features are introduced in Windows 8, however, the start screen problem troubles many of Windows 8 users. So, in this article, we'll discuss about how to bypass Windows 8 start screen under 2 different situations, namely: bypass Windows 8 start screen when you remember the password and bypass Windows 8 password screen when you forgot Windows 8 login password.

How to Bypass Windows 8 Start Screen with a Remembered Password

Does it drive you nuts to enter your password every time you login to Windows 8? Is there anything we can do? Like conduct a Windows 8 password bypass so that it can login to Windows 8 automatically? Fortunately, the answer is positive. Follow the easy tutorial on how to get Windows 8 start screen password bypass.

  • Step 1: Start up your PC and enter your password, press "Win+X" combination to open a pop-up menu, and then click "Command Prompt (Admin)".
  • Step 2: In the command prompt, type "control userpasswords2" and hit "Enter", and you should be looking at a "User Accounts" window, uncheck "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer" and click "Ok". And enter your password twice to confirm the automatic sign-in option.

    Bypass Windows 8 Password

  • Step 3: Reboot your computer and you can now bypass the password in Windows 8 without enter it manually.

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How to Bypass Windows 8 Password to Login when Forgot Windows 8 Password

Well, it's much easier to bypass Windows 8 startup password part when you remember the login password. Undoubtedly, to bypass the login and password when I lost Windows 8 administrator password or user password is more difficult. Is it too difficult so that we have to reinstall our system? Not exactly, well, let's find out how to bypass Windows 8 password without re-building Windows 8.

How to Bypass Windows 8 User Password when I Forgot it

Don't worry, here are a few options for your information to get Windows 8 startup password.

  • 1). If you have another Windows 8 administrator password, simply login with this account and use its administrative privilege to manage the user account of which you lost password.
  • 2). Boot your co mputer from safe mode to login to your Windows 8 with a built-in administrator account with administrative privilege to bypass Windows 8 login password that you forgot.
  • 3). Use a pre-created Windows 8 password reset disk.

How to Bypass Windows 8 Administrator Password When I can't Remember it

It's a bit tricky to bypass administrator in Windows 8, the options to Windows 8 admin bypass are clearly less than that for Windows 8 user account bypass. However, there's one very effective method to bypass Windows 8 admin password (I'm not saying that we have to separate admin password from user account completely, this method is also applicable to bypass Windows 8 user password), which is to bypass Windows 8 password with Windows 8 password recovery software that allows you bypass whatever login password you want to in Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, etc.

Here's a simple tutorial on how to bypass Windows 8 administrator password or user password.

  • Step 1: Download Windows 8 password bypass free and run it on an accessible instead of the locked computer.
  • Step 2: Insert a CD/DVD to the accessible computer, select it in the drop-down menu, and then click "Burn" to create a bootable disk for the locked computer to boot from. Click "Finish" to complete.

    bypass windows 8 login

  • Step 3: Set BIOS so that your computer can boot from your newly burned disk, insert it, you should be seeing it initializing.
  • Step 4: After loading, a Windows 8 password bypass window will be presented in which the system installation and admin/user accounts are listed for you choose from. After choosing the target system installation and admin or user account you wish to bypass password for, click "Reset" to bypass lost Windows 8 password.

    windows 8 password bypass

  • Step 5: Wait for a few minutes, then you'll see a congratulation pop-up dialogue, click "Ok" and then click "Reboot" to restart your computer. And now you are able to login to your Windows 8 without a password, thus Windows 8 admin bypass or other login password bypass is accomplished successfully!

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