Top 3 Ways to Speed Up Firefox

How to Speed Up Mozilla Firefox

May. 13, 2014 12:22 pm / Posted by Michael Eric to Online Website
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"How to speed up Mozilla Firefox for faster browsing experience?"

Maybe you are noticed that your speedy Firefox browser slowing down, and even crashing on you. This situation can be caused many issues. Perhaps you have too many plugins, extensions and other data. Or your browser is affected by computer viruses, spyware, and other malware. For Mozilla Firefox browser, we've introduced top 3 ways to run Firefox in Safe Mode last time. This article is going to move on a new topic: how to speed up your Firefox efficiently. Keep reading this article to check the top 3 ways if you have the same problem of this slow performance in Firefox.

How to Speed up Mozilla Firefox?

First of all, scan your computer for viruses, spyware and other malware since malware can cause a lot of troubleshoot issues to your Firefox. For example, your Firefox keeps opeing many tabs or windows; it doesn't start; it can't load certain websites; it crashes or hangs a lot. These all can cause browsing slowness. Then, you can apply the following tweaks to make Firefox load pages faster.

1. Disable Plugins

Plugins help Firefox manage internet content such as Flash, Silverlight, Java, and Office, and there are probably many installed plugins you don't need. Because they can slow down the browser, you can disable ones you are not using.

  • Step 1. Click the Firefox button and select Add-ons from the drop-down menu.

    how to speed up mozilla firefox
  • Step 2. Click the Plugins tab on the left side of the Add-ons Manager tab. For each plugin you want to disable, click the corresponding Disable button.

    speed up firefox

    A. All disabled plugins are moved to the end of the list of plugins.
    B. You should be safe disabling almost every plugin except for Flash, which is used on a lot of sites on the web.

2. Disable Extensions

You can add a lot of additional functionality to Firefox through the use of extensions, such as extensions to block advertisements, download videos, etc. However, the more extensions you add, the slower your Firefox becomes. In order to make Firefox faster, you'd better disable extensions without having to uninstall them.

  • Step 1. Click the Extensions tab on the left side of the Add-ons Manager. Find the extension you want to disable and click the Disable button to the right of the description.

    make firefox faster
  • Step 2. You need to restart your Firefox to finish disable extensions.

    speed up mozilla firefox for faster browsing experience
Note: If you want to remove the disabled extensions from the list, just click the Remove button.

3. Clear Your Browsing Data

Mozilla Firefox keeps tracks of sites you've visited, files you've downloaded, searches, form data, cookies, and more. All this data collects in the history database. Check the way we list below to clear your browsing data from the database.

  • Step 1. Click the orange Firefox and select History > Clear Recent History from the drop-down menu.

    how to speed up your firefox
  • Step 2. On the Clear Recent History dialog box, click the down arrow to the left of Details.

    how to speed up your firefox
  • Step 3. Select the check boxes for the items you want to clear. Select a time range from the drop-down list at the top of the dialog box.

    speed up mozilla firefox for faster browsing experience
  • Step 4. If you choose Everything, a warning message displays telling you that the action cannot be undone. Be sure you want to clear your entire history of browsing data before clicking Clear Now to clear it.

Make sure you have understood the 3 handy ways for a quick Firefox performance. Especially note the tips and notes under each way.

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