Top 2 Ways to Run Firefox in Safe Mode

Top 2 Ways to Run Firefox in Safe Mode

May. 08, 2014 10:12 am / Posted by Michael Eric to Online Website
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Need to know how to run Safe Mode in Firefox? Safe Mode is a special Firefox mode that can be used to troubleshoot and fix problems. Safe Mode temporarily resets some settings and disables add-ons that might be causing problems. By comparing Firefox behavior in normal mode to its behavior in Safe Mode, you may be able to pinpoint the cause of the problem. See the "Actions" that you can perform in Safe Mode:

  • Disable all add-ons.
  • Reset toolbars and controls.
  • Delete all bookmarks except for backups.
  • Reset all user preferences to Firefox defaults.
  • Restore default search engines.

Note that the Reset Firefox feature can fix many issues by restoring Firefox to its factory default state while saving your essential information. Consider using it before going through a lengthy troubleshooting process.

Then, move on to the top 2 ways to start Safe Mode in Firefox. Open Safe Mode in Firefox via run command is going to be introduced as below.

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Method 1: Run Firefox in Safe Mode from Command Line

  • 1. Open the "Start Menu" and type "run" in the "Search" box. Click on "Run" in the results.

    run firefox in safe mode
  • 2. Type "firefox-safe-mode" in the blank. Click on the "OK" button.

    open firefox in safe mode
  • 3. If you have enabled "Firefox-Choose User Profile", this window will open. Select the profile that you wish to run in Safe Mode. Click on the "Start Firefox" button.

    how to start firefox in safe mode
  • 4. A. Temporarily disable Firefox features:

    Click on the "Continue in Safe Mode" button in the "Firefox Safe Mode" window.

    how to open firefox in safe mode
  • 5. B. Permanently disable Firefox features:

    Select the items that you want to permanently disable. Click on the "Make Changes and Restart" button.

    how to start firefox in safe mode
Note: Permanently disabled add-ons will still appear on the "Add-ons" tab and can be reactivated.

Method 2: Run Firefox in Safe Mode Using Firefox Shortcut

This method is for those who want to run Firefox in Safe Mode for a long time and can't keep typing the command all the time.

  • 1. Right click Firefox shortcut in desktop and go to Properties. In Target add "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"-safe-mode. Then click OK.

    how to open firefox in safe mode
  • 2. Now when you run Firefox in safe mode, you will see a pop-up box asking you what you want to Disable or Reset. Check the desired options and click "Continue in Safe Mode" button.

    how to open firefox in safe mode

Once you need to know how to open Firefox in Safe Mode, check this post in handy. What's the most important, keep this post in your computer right now.

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