How to Sync Browser Data in Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera

How to Sync Browser Data in Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera

May. 06, 2014 10:25 am / Posted by Michael Eric to Online Website
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For browser, it can be considered as the most important tool in the world of internet. Without it, you can't enjoy your computer or smartphone as freely as you want. The data in it is of course much more important. If you have bookmarks, passwords, website and other information stored in it, you will definitely want them with you regardless of the computer or smartphone you're on. Actually, it's easy to transfer browser data in Chrome with your Google account, but it can be frustrating to share information using different browsers. This article will provide the detailed instructions on how to sync your browser data in Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera for your computer or smartphone.

Note: We've introduced how to always start your browser in private browsing mode by default last time, Google Chrome, IE, Firefox and Opera included.

1. Chrome

For Google Chrome, you just need to sign in your Google account and use your Gmail ID to sync your browser data. Then do the following steps. By default, Chrome syncs your apps, autofill data, bookmarks, extensions, address bar history, passwords, settings etc.

  • Step 1. Open Chrome and click on the menu button in the upper right hand corner.
  • Step 2. Select Settings.
  • Step 3. Under the Sign in option, click on Sign into Chrome.

    transfer browser data in chrome
  • Step 4. Enter your Gmail account.

Then simply follow the same steps on the other computer with the same Gmail account. You can choose to sync bookmarks, apps, extensions, settings, tabs, themes and more. You can specify by opening the Settings screen and clicking Advanced sync settings under Sign in.

2. Internet Explorer

In fact, only if you use Windows 8, you could have the ability to sync your Internet Explorer settings, favorites, and history between your Windows 8 computers with your Microsoft account. Microsoft doesn't provide a way to access this data on smartphone.

  • Step 1. Go to PC Settings > Sync your settings > Browser.
  • Step 2. Switch the option to On.

    sync browser data for browsers

Unfortunately, for older Windows versions, IE doesn't have a clean way to sync data across computers.

Note: In opposite, if you want to delete your history in Internet Explorer on Windows 8.1/8, click here to know the 4 handy options.

3. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox uses Firefox Sync to back up your browser data. If you don't have one, create a Firefox Sync account to ensure that all your bookmarks and other data get saved and can be accessed.

  • Step 1. Open Firefox options window, select the Sync icon.
  • Step 2. Under Manage Account, select My Recovery Key. Save this key and keep it safe.

    back up your browser data in browser

  • Step 3. On the computer you want your Firefox data synced on, open Firefox and go to the Sync tab once again.
  • Step 4. Sign in with the email account you used to set up Firefox sync.
  • Step 5. Input your recovery key from step 2. Click on Next.
  • Step 6. Select your options to sync. Click on OK.

Note that Firefox Sync works with Firefox on all operating systems. You can also use Firefox Sync on Android phones and tablets with Firefox for Android. But Firefox doesn't offer an iOS app.

4. Opera

For Opera user, you can back up your browser data in browser via Opera Link, which uses an Opera account to sync your browser data. It can be enabled by selecting the Synchronize Opera option in Opera's menu.

  • Step 1. Go to the Opera menu > Synchronize Opera > Enabled Synchronization.

    sync browser data for browsers
  • Step 2. Log in with your Opera account.
  • Step 3. Once logged in, Opera Link will synchronize your data.

That's all for how to sync browser data for browsers to your computer and smartphone. Figure your browser and then use the corresponding method to achieve it.

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