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How to Crack My Lost MS Access 2010 Password

May. 21, 2013 5:41 pm / Posted by Michael Eric to Files & Database Topics
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Forgot MS Access 2010 password? Don't freak out! It is really a common problem troubling Access users. We are used to creating strong password using long and special characters to prevent other's malicious hacking. But sometimes the password is too strong to remember it exactly.

When lost MS Access 2010 password, we need to find a way to crack Access 2010 password effectively. Access 2010 uses the same password protection scheme as Word, Excel etc. Manually cracking Access 2010 database password is impossible because there is not a password recovery option in access database. The most effective and professional way to crack MS Access 2010 password is to use third party software Access 2010 Password Recovery.

Following passage will tell you how to crack Microsoft Access 2010 database password with MS Access 2010 password recovery.

How to Crack Access 2010 Database Password with Access Password Recovery?

MS Access 2010 Password Recovery can professionally crack Access 2010 .accdb file and .mdb file as well with simple steps below.

  • Initially, download and install MS Access 2010 Password Recovery into your computer and launch the software after installation.

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  • Secondly, Click "Open" to import your password protect Microsoft Access 2010 files. Note that Access 2010 password recovery supports recovering multiple databases simultaneously.

    crack ms access 2010 password

  • Finally, your lost Access 2010 password will be displayed under the "Password" list. Get it and open your Access 2010 password freely.

    how to crack access 2010 .mdb file password

How to Remove Access 2010 Password from Encrypted Access 2010 Files?

With three simple steps, you can crack your Access 2010 database password with ease. And for some reasons, you may think the password is unneeded and want to remove the password from your encrypted Access 2010 file. The following part is for your reference.

  • 1. Open your Access 2010 database in Exclusive mode. (To open in Exclusive mode click "Open" on the File tab and select the file you want to open in the Open dialog box, and click "Open" and then "Open Exclusive")

    microsoft Access 2010 database password cracker

  • 2. Click "Info" of on the File tab and then click "Decrypt Database".
  • 3. Type your current password in the password box and then click on "OK" to remove password from your Access 2010 database.

Now, forgetting Microsoft Access 2010 database password won't be something frustrating you anymore for Access 2010 password recovery will help you crack Access 2010 database password effectively and professionally. And you can remove the password as easy as you set up it.

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