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Ways to Avoid Forgetting and Recover Access 2010 Password

2013-03-14 07:31:24 / Posted by Michael Eric to Files & Database Topics
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In an era of information, our information is so easy to be exposed to the public. In order to protect ourselves, we have different passwords such as windows password, email password, phone password and MS Access 2010 password…And, we try to set the strongest password by using long password, password consisting special characters, variation of capital and small letters so that others cannot hack it…

Setting password itself is a good action but we often see people being lock of their own password protected Access 2010 database because we try to make our password strong but finally ourselves lost the MS Access 2010 password. Then we had to make all efforts to recover Access 2010 database password. Some lucky ones can easily hack Access 2010 password but others may not. In order to help you get rid of Access 2010 password problem, below I will tell you how to set and avoid losing MS Access 2010 Password, and how to crack Access 2010 password if you forgot it.

How to Avoid Forgetting Access 2010 Password

  • 1. Write done all passwords in a notebook. When comes to use password protect MS Access 2010 documents, just look at the notebook to get the right one. However, your notebook may get lost or view by someone else, so I do not recommend this way.
  • 2. Set unforgettable password such as your family's birthday (not yours because other can guess it easily), your beloved pet's name, and the phrase that only you know etc.

How to Remove MS Access 2010 Password If You Forgot It?

In principle, without password, password protected MS Access 2010 documents are not allowed to open unless you use the Access 2010 password unlocker tool. But there are so many Access 2010 password cracker on the market. Which one can be the most trustworthy and effective? Here I highly recommend you MS Access 2010 password recovery that has been widely praised by its users. It can get back your lost or forgot Access 2010 password in seconds. Now I am going to guide you to use MS Access 2010 step by step.

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Sep1: Import the password protect MS Access 2010 database.

Click "Open" to load your password protect Access 2010 document (Access 2010 password recovery supports recovering multiple databases simultaneously)

crack MS Access 2010 password

Access 2010 MDB password recovery

Step 2: Break MS Access 2010 password

Congratulations! You get Microsoft Access 2010 Database password in the "Password" task list with your own hands.

forgot Access 2010 database password

It would be great if you can exactly remember your MS Access 2010 password. But we cannot avoid there are some situations that we forgot or lost Access 2010 password. Don't be freak out. MS Access 2010 password recovery will definitely hack MS Access 2010 password without any losses to your data.

How to Change or Reset Access 2010 Password When You Have a Password?

If you want to change or reset Access 2010 password the following tutorial will help you.

  • Step 1: Open the Access database that you want to change but do not select a database.
  • Step 2: Enter the Access 2010 password (if you forget it, use Access 2010 password recovery to recover it first.)
  • Step 3: Click the "File Menu", and go to info > Permissions > Encrypt with Password.
  • Step 4: Erase the password in the field.
  • Sep 5: Enter your new Access 2010 password.
  • Step 6: Click the "Ok" to save the changes. You have reset Access 2010 password successfully.

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