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How to use Office Password Recovery?

Lost the password for your MS Word document? Don't freak out. Office Password Recovery is the most professional and powerful Office documents password recovery software. It can easily recover or remove Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook passwords. It is available for all documents created in MS Office 97 to 2016. Here is the overall tutorial to tell you how to crack Office files password step by step.

Office Password Recovery offers 4 password recovery options for you to choose:

First, get a free download of Office Password Recovery. Then install it on any Windows PC.

Mode 1. Recover the password from Office 97-2016

office password recovery

This mode holds three brute-force attack options which can crack password no matter how long or complex the password is. It can crack password for Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint files created in MS Office 97-2016, which supports *.doc;*.docx;*.xls;*xlsx;*.ppt;*.pptx; *.accdb formats.

Step 1. Import Password Protected Office Document

Click "Office Password Recovery". In the main window, click "browse" to import password protected Office files.

recover office password

Step 2. Choose Attack Type and Set its Parameters

There are 3 types of attack available: Brute-force with Mask, Brute-force Attack and Dictionary. Choose one from them according to its function.

A. Brute-force attack: This option will check all characters one by one to find your password. It's the default option for password recovery.

crack office password

B. Brute-force with mask attack: Enter whatever you still remember in the password. This option will check the customize number, symbols and characters to find your password.

office password recovery tool

reset office password

C. Dictionary attack: If you have a password dictionary already, please import the dictionary file, it will help you sift the right password from the dictionary. Actually, this option guarantees great rate for success.

office document password recovery

recover office password

Step 3. Start to recover the lost password

Click "Recover". The program will begin the process of cracking the password. The specific time depends on your password length and complexity. The longer and more complicated the password, the more time it will take. Once the password is found, it'll be displayed in the File Opening Password box. Use the password provided to open the office file and view the information.

recover office document password

Thus, you have regained the access to your password protected document created with Microsoft Office.

Mode 2: Remove password for Word and Excel 97-2003

remove word password

This mode enables you to remove the password for document created with Microsoft Office applications with password remove service. It supports documents created in MS Office 97 to 2003.

Step 1. Import Password Protected Office Document

Click "Password Remover". In the main interface, click "Browse" to import password protected Office document.

recover office password

Step 2. Start to remove the password

After specifying the document and click "Remove".

Note: After removing passwords successfully, the decrypted files will be automatically saved to the folder where your locked files located.

recover word password

Mode 3: Recover Access database password

recover access password

You can freely choose the encrypted files created with Microsoft Access database which is in *.mdb format.

Step 1. Import the encrypted Access file

Click "Access Password Recovery", then hit "Browse" to import the password-protected Access database.

recover access data

Step 2. Begin to recover the password

Click "Recover" button to get back the lost password. After it has done, the detailed info about the encrypted Access file will display in the interface, including the password.

recover access password

Mode 4: Search for encrypted Office suite files and recover password

office password recovery

This mode allows you to scan your computer and search for all the files and documents. After scanning, you can choose the encrypted files from the results listed below and crack the password.

Step 1. Scan files stored on computer

After clicking "Encrypted File Searcher", you can begin to scan the computer. Before that, you are allowed to specify the scan type and location to search.

crack excel password

Step 2. Choose file to recover the password

Here you are enabled to choose "Only show the encrypted file" option. It's a fast way to develop the password recovery process. Then right click the file, select "Recover Password".

crack office password

Here you can get the password for your encrypted Microsoft Office suite. Just find the best option for you.

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