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100% Instant Document Decryption - How to Use Excel Password Recovery?

How to use Excel Password Recovery?

Excel Password Recovery has 2 functions. This is the user guide for function 1.

1. 100% Instant Document Decryption (Online Password Remove Service)

2. Recover The Password (Offline and 3 types of attack)

100% Instant Document Decryption

Being urgent to use Excel documents but forget the password? Take it easy, Excel Password Recovery can remove password instantly with the online Excel Password Remover service and get access to the documents without any password. It is available for documents created in MS Office 97-2003.

Follow the tutorial below to learn how to remove Excel spreadsheets password.

Step 1: Click "Open" to load Excel spreadsheet.

Excel password remover

Select your Excel document in its destination folder, then click "Open" to finsh file adding.

Step 2.Select “100% instant document decryption” and click “Next” to proceed.

Excel document decryption

Step 3. Click "Decrypt document" to start to remove password instantly.

remove Excel password

Step 4.Smoothly remove password with receiving the message "The file decrypt successfully". Then just click "OK" to end password decryption process.

Excel file decrypted

(Note: The decryped file (*_Fixed.xls) has been automatically saved to the folder where your protected file is.)

You can also click "Cancel" to stop decryption or click "Back" to continue other operation.

Excel Password Recovery

Note: The Excel Password Remover program uses internet to connect to the service, so make sure your internet connection is working well before using it. Besides, if you have firewall software installed, configure it to allow the program to connect to internet.

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