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Windows 8 Password Reset Software: Recover Windows 8 Login Password

2013-12-18 11:21:15 / Posted by Michael Eric to Windows Tips
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"When on logon screen, I suddenly couldn't think of my Windows 8 password I have ever set. Now I am locked out of Windows 8. Is there any Windows 8 password reset software program can help me crack the forgotten one? I have no password reset disk."

The traditional way to solve this problem is reinstall Windows 8 or restore it to factory settings. However, the disadvantage of this traditional ways is confidential data loss probably. Thus, searching for a great Windows 8 password reset software program is preferred much more.

Here I introduce the best Windows Password Recovery for you to recover lost or forgotten Windows 8 password. Moreover, it can guarantee computer safety and high affection.

The Best Windows 8 Login Password Reset Software

By searching for the Windows 8 password reset software on internet, Windows Password Recovery is high rated by its performance. It is not only the Windows 8 administrator password reset software, but also the perfect Windows 8 user password reset software. All types of accounts can be supported well. What's more, it can crack the forgotten Windows password in only 4 steps. Sounds great, right? Then follow the instruction of Windows Password Recovery to achieve recovering Windows 8 password.

Free Trial "Windows Password Recovery Tool":

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Step 1. Download and Install it on an accessible computer.

Free download the software to recover forgotten login passwords for Windows 8. Install and run it on a workable Windows OS-based computer.

Step 2. Create Windows Password Recovery Disk.

You can choose a blank USB device or CD/DVD to burn ISO image of Windows Password Recovery. Then exit the device from accessible computer after burning successfully.

windows 8 password reset software

Step 3. Set locked Windows 8 computer to reboot from the USB/CD/DVD.

Insert the burned USB/CD/DVD to your locked Windows 8 computer. Specify it and set your computer boot from the created Windows 8 password reset software USB or CD/DVD.

Step 4. Start to recover Windows 8 forgotten password.

Choose the Windows 8 username and password you want to remove, and click "Reset".

windows8 password reset software usb

Added Information: Tips for Preventing Forgetting Windows 8 Password

  • 1. Write down your strong Windows 8 password on a post-it so you can view it when you forget it.
  • 2. You can take the most effective way. To use a password manager tool we have introduced before to help you remember and replay all your complex passwords.
  • 3. Use a password hint. When you create your login password on Windows 8, create a password hint. If your password is changed by others, you can get your password back by using the hint.

Keep the tips of Windows 8 password firmly. Once if you forgot Windows 8 password and have no way to solve the problem, turn to Windows Password Recovery for help. Moreover, Windows Password Recovery also works for Windows 8.1/7Vista/XP and the newest version.

Download SmartKey Windows Password Recovery Standard:

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Size: 31.71MB

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