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3 Ways to Disable Windows 8 Login Password

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disable windows 8 login password

Questions about Disabling Windows 8 Login Password

"I really need to disable Windows 8 password since I lost my login password for Toshiba Satellite C850-BT3N11."

When you come across things like this, don't panic. Try to get help here. We will give you 3 solutions to disable password protection Windows 8 as below.

Solution 1. Use a Windows Reset Disk to Disable Windows 8 Password

This method requires you have created a reset disk before you lost your password. Or you should pass this method and try others below to Windows 8 disable password login.

  • 1) Insert the password reset disk into your locked computer.

  • 2) When you input the incorrect password in Windows logon screen, the "Reset Password" option will pops up, click it.

  • 3) When you click the "Reset Password" link, a "Password Reset Wizard" will come up for you to reset the forgotten password.

    disable windows 8 password

Solution 2. Use Windows 8 Administrator Account to Disable Windows 8 Login Password

You can use an account which has administrator privilege to disable Windows 8 login password since admin account can create, change a password for any account. But if you are the only administrator user in your Windows 8 laptop, just skip this one.

  • 1) Click "Start" button, type "lusrmgr.msc" in the Search box and press "Enter" key.

  • 2) Double-click the Users folder, and all user accounts will be listed. Then right-click a user account which you want to reset its password and select "Set Password".

Solution 3. Use Windows Password Recovery to Turn off Windows 8 Password

Windows Password Recovery is amazing software no matter you want to disable administrator password Windows 8 or other accounts password.

Free Trial "Windows Password Recovery software":

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  • 1) Download and Install

    Download Windows Password Recovery and install on your PC.

  • 2) Burn a Bootable CD/DVD or USB Drive

     disable login password windows 8
  • 3) Disable Windows 8 Password

    Choose the account you want to disable the password.disable administrator password windows 8

Compared among these methods, you must acknowledge that Windows Password Recovery is the best choice to disable login password in Windows 8.

Additional Info: Disable Windows 8 Password Expiration

In addition, many users can't get access to Windows 8 laptop because they need to disable Windows 8 password expiration. Here also shows you the solution:

Note: When booting up to the logon screen, Windows may notify you that your password will expire in a number of days and ask whether you want to change it now. Previously, the default interval that users were notified of password expiration was 14 days before expiration.
  • 1) Start your Windows 8 virtual machine.
  • 2) Open the Run command box on Windows
  • 3) Type the following words in run box.
    control userpasswords2
  • 4) Click on Advanced tab in the user account.
  • 5) Click on Advanced button in the Advanced user management window and it will open Local User and Group.
  • 6) Double click the Users Folder in the Local User and Group.
  • 7) Select your username on the lists and right click > select Properties
  • 8) It will open another window, click on General tab and check the option of Password never expires.
  • 9) Click on Apply and then click on OK button.

For all, choose the best tool to disable your Windows 8 password. What's more, you can keep this wonderful software -- Windows Password Recovery on your computer in case you forgot your Windows 8 password.

Download Windows Password Recovery to instantly reset Windows password:

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