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"My Windows 8 can't remember administrator password, how can I change Windows 8 login password when I forgot it?"

Do you want to change password in Windows 8 on a regular basis for the sake of security? Or do you want to change Windows 8 login password because you forgot it. We'll offer you the most effective and comprehensive solutions on how to change Windows 8 administrator password as well as change other Windows 8 login password when you remember or forgot it.

In this article, we'll divide it into two part categories, namely, how to change Windows 8 password when you remember it and how to change Windows 8 login password when you forgot it, while under each category, there will be some differences between how to change Windows administrator password and user password, for which we'll discuss how to change it respectively.

Note: Some of the methods may be applied to change administrator and user password in Windows 8 while others don't, choose accordingly to your satisfaction.

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I. Change Windows 8 Password when Remember it

It's so much easy when you remember the password of the accounts you wish to change. Simply do as the following steps:

1). How to change Windows 8 user password:

  • Step 1: Login to Windows 8 with administrator account, press "Win+X" to open a list of options, click "Control Panel", navigate to "User Accounts and Family Safety".
  • Step 2: Choose "User Accounts" on the right column to change Windows 8 password. If you login to Windows 8 password with an administrator account, click "Manage another account" to change Windows 8 user password, enter your old password to create a new one.

2). how to change Windows 8 administrator password:

  • Step 1: Login to Windows 8 with administrator account, press "Win+C", click "Setting"> "Change PC Settings" and then click "Change your password" under Sign-in options.
  • Step 2: Enter current password, and then enter a new one, confirm it, hence mission accomplished.

II. Change Windows 8 Password When Can't Remember it

It's easier to change user password than to change administrator password in Windows 8.

1). How to change Windows 8 user password using CMD:

It'd be made much easier to change Windows 8 user password if you are able to login to Windows 8 with another admin. Go through the simple tutorial:

  • Step 1: Login to your PC with an administrator account, and press "Win+R" to open run box, enter "cmd" and hit "Enter".
  • Step 2: Enter net user (in the place of user name, enter Windows 8 user password you wish to change, and type in a new password in the place of new password), hit "Enter".
  • Step 3: You'll get a command completed successfully message, restart your computer and login with your new password.

2). How to change Windows 8 password with Windows 8 password changer:

Well, if you want to change Windows 8 administrator password, you've found the most ideal and effective method, moreover, this program can also be used to change other Windows 8 login passwords. It's a professional password changer for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, etc in case forgot it. Here's a simple tutorial, let's start by downloading Windows 8 password changer first.

  • Step 1: Run it, insert a CD/DVD or USB to your computer and click "Burn" to create a boot disk or USB. Set BIOS for your locked computer so that it can boot from your newly created boot disk or USB, insert it to your computer after burning.

    how to change windows 8 password

  • Step 2: Wait for this program to initialize, within a few seconds, you'll enter an interface where you can select the system installation and administrators and user accounts, after choosing, click "Reset" to change your Windows 8 password after which restart your computer.

    change windows 8 password

If you want to change your password on Windows 8, go through this article, everything you need to know is included in it.

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